Congratulations to Professor Matt Jones and colleagues, who are leading a new multi-disciplinary centre at Swansea University: CHERISH-DE (= Digital Economy). Details here. [Update 2016: here.] Funded by EPSRC, it’s dedicated to “extensive understanding of the human context and condition alongside the potential and limitations of digital technologies” and to “weav[ing] new socio-technical materials that will provide effective, comforting and pleasing fabrics to support future living”.

Main topics:

  • C1 Health and social care (e.g., medical devices, e-health, health informatics, patient services);
  • C2 Resource Constrained Communities (e.g., novel devices and services to access technology for social development and economic regeneration);
  • C3 Safety and Security (e.g., cyberterrorism, cybersecurity, ‘dark web’).