Phil Reed on Digital Dependency – 5 May at 12:00

  • CODAH lunchtime talks – Surf Room, 12 midday
  • May 5 – Professor Phil Reed (Psychology, Swansea U)

The Impacts of Digital Dependency

Concerns about the level of digital dependency have grown over the last decade, and, recently, the American Psychiatric Association has suggested that the concept of an ‘internet addiction’ should be examined seriously.  The current talk will present evidence concerning whether heavy use of the internet and digital communications and media produces anything like an addiction, and will explore what the characteristics of such an addiction would be.  The types of individual who are susceptible to displaying problematic internet use, and the consequences of such problematic use in terms of physical and mental health will be explored.  The effect of digital media on people’s ability to hold social relationships and to conduct work will also be discussed.