When: 20 May 2019

Where: Mall Room, Taliesin Create, Swansea University


14.00  Dr Sian Rees, Introduction.

14.05  Dr Leighton Evans: ‘Virtual Worldliness: Understanding the Nature of Virtual Reality’.

14.20  Dr William Merrin: ‘Digital War: Launching the new Digital War Academic Journal’.

14.40  Dr Robert Laramee, Mohammad Alharbi, Professor Tom Cheesman: ‘MoorVis: Integrated Distant and Close Reading of Othello Translations’.

15.00  Dr Yan Wu, Dr Matt Wall: ‘The ties that bind: how the dominance of WeChat combines with guanxi to inhibit and constrain China’s contentious politics’.

15.20  Swansea University Digital Humanities Team: ‘Supporting research in the digital humanities’.

16.00 Dr Regina Poertner: ‘Digital Tools for Enhancing Economic Literacy Among Further and Higher Education Students’.

16.20 Dr Tom Owen, Dr Sean Walton: ‘The HoloLec project and the use of AR as a teaching tool’.