World Sight Day 2021: How technology can help sight impaired community

Today is the World Sight Day, an annual occasion to celebrate achievements and advocate for increased attention towards eye care globally.

To mark this day, Swansea University CODAH researchers released a report ENABLING DIGITAL FIRST: A CASE STUDY OF SIGHT-IMPAIRED USERS IN WALES in partnership with RNIB to provide insights into visually impaired community’s access to and usage of digital technology.

Their reports points out that sight impaired users benefit tremendously from digital media and communication technology and inclusive design. Sustained digital trainings play an important role in disseminating knowledge, implementing changes, triggering bottom-up approach of peer learning and self-learning. However, sight impaired users also face challenges in accessing digital devices, websites, apps and service. Swansea scholars recommend better standardisation through adherence to, development and refinement of appropriate design guidelines and best practice.

Read the full report here:

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