Studying Voice Interfaces in the Home: CODAH talk by Dr Martin Porcheron

Dr Martin Porcheron is a Lecturer in Computer Science, Swansea University. His research is predominantly in the areas of human-computer interaction (HCI) and computer-supported cooperative work, in which he draws upon human-centred design and social science approaches to analyse, reflect upon, and inform the design of ‘interactive AI’ technologies.

On Friday 3rd December 2021, Martin gave a talk on Studying Voice Interfaces in the Home.

This talk introduces his research work to understand how families make use of and embed voice-based interactive AI technologies in the home.  Audio data collected are of actual family interactions with an Amazon Echo over one-month periods using a purpose-built recording device. The research approach adopted allowed researchers to understand more about how device use is made accountable to and embedded into conversational settings like family dinners where various simultaneous activities are being achieved. Dr Porcheron and the research team adopted an analytic approach informed by ethnomethodology and conversation analysis to document the methodical practices of interactive AI users, and how their use is accomplished in the complex social life of the home. He reflected upon his research approach and the importance of studying interactions with technology in the world, outside of the laboratory.

The reference list is provided below for anyone interested in this area.