Leaktivism, Disinformation Architectures, & Ideological Polarisation on Digital Networks

with Dr Athina Karatzogianni,

Associate Professor, Leicester University

Leaktivism, disinformation architectures and ideological polarisation can all have devastating effects and can partially influence elections. In the public discourse, leaktivism is seen on the one hand as enhancing democracy by holding governments and corporations accountable and enforcing transparency; while on the other hand, leaktivism can disrupt the democratic process in terms of ideological polarisation and disinformation architectures when the leaks are manipulated to influence public opinion and voting behaviour, as witnessed with the phenomenon of election-timed leaks. In this talk, Dr Karatzogianni scrutinises leaktivisim within the context of evolving platform economics via a range of case studies including the FacebookDataLeaks, WikiLeaks’ DNCLeaks, the disinformation architectures in the Indian elections and offers her critique on the current digital democracy debate, and its turbulent fluctuation over time.

Date: Wednesday 30th October 2019

Time: 4pm

Venue: KH216

Dr Katatzogianni’s research focuses on the impact of digitization on conflict, economics and security, reflects a commitment to research that is rigorous and innovative, with applied practice that is relevant and internationally influential. She has an extensive record of publications and citations in disciplinary, field-specific and cross-disciplinary research outlets, and has demonstrated sustained success in securing research income from Research Councils UK and the European Commission. Her most recent book is (2018) Platform Economics: Rhetoric and Reality the “Sharing Economy”.

Her publications can be downloaded open access in pre-publication form here: